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IGNITE is a 24-week training program designed to teach the fundamental sales principles and specific best practices of Top Loan Originators and RE Agents. Participants attend a weekly group coaching call, create individualized Action Plans, execute assigned reading, and complete homework projects. These elements are designed to work together to aid participants in establishing critical marketing habits and disciplines, which in turn helps them grow their personal production/income.

IGNITE PressOn MembershipWhile other training programs emphasize similar disciplines and teach common principles, IGNITE is unique in its ability to educate and motivate participants in a group context, while also providing individual personalized accountability. The cost per participant remains low when compared Private Client Coaching, yet group participants retain the ability to create Action Plans that are specifically related to their individual opportunities and challenges, and benefit from personal guidance from the IGNITE Coach. Participants are asked to make commitments to attend all coaching calls, complete homework assignments, create personal Action Plans, and “Take Massive Action” regarding the principles they learn in the Training.

Additionally, all IGNITE calls are recorded for future access, both for participants that missed due to an excused absence, and for those that want to replay the Training to further ingrain their education.


IGNITE training calls follow a weekly schedule, segmented into two types of calls: there are 12 Bi-Weekly Training Calls, each 45-minutes in length, focused on Sales Principles and the Habits/Actions/Disciplines of Top Producing RE Agents and Loan Officers. There are also 12 Bi-Weekly Accountability Calls, each 15 minutes in length, where participants are asked about their progress on Action Plans, assignments, and marketing efforts. Training Calls and Accountably Calls occur on alternate weeks during the 24-week training period.
The 12 Bi-Weekly Training Calls cover a multitude of topics and content, including the following:

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  • Taking Massive Action
  • Goals and Vision
  • Creating Habits that Stick
  • Maximum Database Leverage
  • Relationships and Trust (Asking Great Questions)
  • Building Your Brand
  • High Payoff Activities
  • Creating a Niche Value Proposition
  • Life Planning – Living and Working with Intention
  • Time Management
  • Education and Speaking to Groups
  • Social Media and Tech Tools


IGNITE Training consists of 24 weekly calls, delivered live via GoToWebinar.

The IGNITE investment for one participant is:

  • 3 installments of $445 each, $1,335 Total
  • 1 payment of $1,185 (Save $150)


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