Client Testimonials

Debra Solko
Senior Mortgage Originator at Eagle Home Mortgage

Jay, I can’t thank you enough for the OneMoreLoan Sessions! It REALLY made a difference for me. I have been in “sales” for a long time although only a loan officer for the past three years. I have always been very opposed and unwilling to pay and participate in any coaching. Truth is, we all KNOW what we need to do – it is just a matter of execution. However; it is far too easy to LET personal relationships, family dramas, health issues, and any number of EXCUSES sap motivation. I found the OneMoreLoan Sessions interesting, informative, and most importantly Motivational. It is not gimmicky nor does it promise magic results. It DID motivate me to be accountable to a defined action plan that WILL produce success! Thank you!
Janeen Rundle
Sr. Loan Consultant & Reverse Specialist at Eagle Home Mortgage

Wonderful weekly training with OneMoreLoan, thank you for useful tools and functional steps, ie, “12-Touch!” We all know what we are supposed to be doing as a Loan Officer, but making it a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly habit is the key, and you have taught through example. The “Priority Matrix” is on my desk and my Outlook calendar to review on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons to help me schedule High Payoff Activities and evaluate what needs to be revisited. I hope to up my production so I can budget you as my personal Coach by Fall of 2018!”
Jayson Langerman
Loan Officer at Eagle Home Mortgage

I really enjoyed participating in the OneMoreLoan program with Jay Hughes, on both a business and personal level. OML has helped me focus on simple tasks and strategies that will absolutely help me grow my business. OML has enabled me to Take Massive Action, eliminate bad habits, and replace with new habits that will most certainly take my business to the next level. On a personal note, this OML has motivated me to stay positive, be optimist, and to help others. Thanks Jay!”
Carl Spiteri
Mortgage Advisor at Benchmark Mortgage

I can track two incredible opportunities that have come directly from our coaching calls. I’d recommend Jay to anyone that is looking for an outside-the-box approach to Coaching. Jay listens to what I have to say, even allows me to time talk to myself at times, and then works with me through options and ideas. Of course there is always an Action Plan and follow up. One goal I’ve accomplished since working with Jay is getting out of the office much more frequently.
Mike Shelley
Credit Office President at Lone Star Ag Credit

Jay is very approachable and reachable, and I appreciate that. I liked the accountability piece of coaching, the opportunity to use Jay as a sounding board, and to kick around ideas. I really liked the marketing perspective Jay has, and Jay’s willingness to talk through those things with me. I found our early sessions very helpful in laying out solid foundations to free up my time from the less impactful tasks to those that are more profitable and more suit my goals and style.
Leon Baker
Home Loan Consultant at First Mortgage Company

I really was hopeless and distraught when I met with Jay; I was looking down this long timeline of my upcoming life, wondering how in the world I was going to keep working 70-75 hour each week. The Lord answered the concerns of my heart through the guidance Jay has provided for me, no question about it. I say this all the time, but there is NO WAY that I would be where I am today if not for the things Jay has guided me through. There are unmistakable, measurable results directly related to our coaching together. It is clear.I would not have believed had someone told me when we started coaching that

  • My team’s production through 7 months of 2013 would exceed what we did in 2012.
  • We would finish 2015 tied for #3 in my company for units, and #5 for volume. No way. (Maybe 200 LO’s at the time)
  • Or, that our team would improve our best year (2015) by 17% in production for 2016. Crazy!

But really, the whole reason I started coaching wasn’t really for increased production…it was how do I earn a living AND spend time with my kids. At 70-75 hours per week…there wasn’t enough of that! SO…it would have been unheard of to:

  • Spend the whole day playing hoops, going to the water park with my kids and then taking them out on our wave runners.
  • Take a vacation? What are those? More than 3 days? WITHOUT a computer? My eyes would explode! But, thank the Lord, we could take family vacation to Hawaii for 8 days! We just spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s out of town…one text the whole time! I think that’s meaningful to my family.
  • Coach my son’s basketball team? Never! But did!
  • I THINK I’m working 50 hours per week now. How great is that? 50 hours? I used to do that by Thursday – sometimes by noon. It sure has been nice to go home, and be done when I get there. No more getting up at 4:00 to start the work day, or finishing at 2:00 a.m. from my laptop at home. Nice…

Surely, I’m so thankful to the Lord for what He is doing in my life. My family knows who I am, my team is amazing, our systems are very good, and our rapport with our agents and clients is exceptional. Without question, Jay, Great is the part you have played!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Jay!

Bryan LaFlamme
Manager Consultant at Eagle Home Mortgage

In my first full calendar year coaching with Jay, I improved my production by 20%. I had had my best year prior, and began coaching with him about six months into that year; so it was a lot to improve on! Jay is excellent at mining out what your true goals are, uncovering your unique talents and gifts, and developing a plan to use what you do best to meet the goals most important to you. I would happily recommend him – and have! – to anyone looking to take their business to the next level and beyond!
Miguel Sandoval
Mortgage Banker at Supreme Lending

Regarding IGNITE… I LOVE IT! It has me thinking in a way that I have never done so before. It really makes me think of “Who am I?” and “What do I really offer, that makes me different?” On top of that just knowing that in order to make things happen MASSIVE ACTION is a must, and we have to stick to the grind and make those contacts. I have been wanting to go back and review the previous IGNITE Sessions just for a refresher. Not to mention they are motivating!
Jared Cozby
Realtor at Front Street Brokers

I’ve been mentored by Jay for 2 1/2 years now and every time we have our coaching session I get something significant out of it. Jay helps me build my business the way I want my business to be built, as well as open my eyes to new ideas and strategies. I’ve been in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years, and I’ve grown my business more in the past 2 years than all my other years combined; thanks to Jay and his team.
Kelli Cowell
Regional Account Manager at Essent

I am endorsing Jay Hughes as my Executive Coach. I first met Jay 7 years ago when he was an incredibly successful Wholesale Manager in a difficult mortgage industry environment. When Jay left the company to continue his career in Mortgage Coaching, I knew he would make a significant difference for those who choose to work with him. In my experience, Jay has proven to be an honest, hard-working manager who has enjoyed great success by motivating his employees, colleagues, and team. He is skilled at sales, great at managing his time and incredibly organized. Best of all, he has an amazing ability to teach the rest of us these tools. In working with Jay as my coach, he’s helped me most of all with my “time management” skills. Not only does has this relieved a tremendous amount of stress, it allows me to work smarter and accomplish my goals with ease. I trust his expertise completely.
Jody Mellon
Pacific Northwest Account Manager at National Mortgage Insurance Corporation – “National MI”

Jay has helped me to become more organized by teaching a more effective way of following-up with my prospects and clients. Jay has also helped open my mind to Relationship Building instead of just forced sales. He demonstrates great confidence with the challenges I face and teaches me how to overcome each one. I now create tasks and goals and make them happen each day, regardless of how busy my calendar is. The biggest problem Jay helped me overcome was my fear of failing and believing I would never get a second chance with a prospect or client. I cannot tell you how important it has been working with Jay. He is a great Coach and has become a friend who cares and is willing to work just as hard as I work to become better. My production results are growing each month, and my relationships with my clients continue to grow deeper.
Ron Wieczorek
Home Loan Officer at Eagle Home Mortgage

I completed the IGNITE coaching program with Jay, and that really helped me focus on the activities and habits that are needed to be consistently producing. I think the biggest problem Jay helped me overcome was procrastination, and working to make my activities more habitual. My personal production has grown by 20% so far, but I anticipate it doubling as my consistent behavior matures. One goal I accomplished in IGNTIE was that I now reach out to every Listing Agent throughout each transaction and build relationships through constant follow-up.
Justin Kelly
Vice President at Lone Star Ag Credit

These are just a few examples of how IGNITE has helped me improve and grow my business: Time Management, building my pipeline (by setting weekly goals and holding myself accountable in order to reach them), as well as building a stronger relationships with borrowers (through sending handwritten notes).
My advice on how to make gains through IGNITE: First ask yourself if you would like to increase your productivity, build lifelong customers and grow your business. Secondly, if you answered yes: Make sure you participate and use the material. It will pay off. The proof is in the pudding.
Diana Molenaar
Mortgage Loan Officer at Mountain West Bank

I hired Jay this year because I wanted to invest in and expand my business – best money I’ve ever spent. Jay is very direct, insightful, and is a no excuses type of coach – something I needed. I always enjoy our sessions!
Dereck Bowlen
Producing Branch Manager at New Penn Financial

Jay has been tremendous in helping me uncover and maintain specific disciplines to aid my success. The action plans are tailored to my personality, and Jay gives me a clear vision of what I need to do to continue improving my results.
Melissa Drollinger
Escrow Officer at TitleOne Corporation

Jay nudges me past my own fears. He’s like a Personal Trainer for your business, and I’m always excited to tell him of my accomplishments! Jay has encouraged each of us on the team to share some different marketing ideas, but they’re only ideas until they are implemented. A recent idea I had was to write some PowerNotes… I said I “should” write them, but Jay challenged me to write them to my entire BNI group. The call to action in each PowerNote has really triggered return calls, voicemails, texts, emails and even Facebook messages! I have heard back from nearly 2/3 of the 41 Notes! I’d recommend him to ANYONE!!
Jason Collier
Loan Officer at Lone Star Ag Credit

Rarely do you find a coach/mentor that dedicates as much to the success of his clients as Jay. I have had the pleasure of working with Jay in both “ignite” training and through one-on-one training over the last year. I have been impressed by Jay’s ability to allow his clients to be successful in their own individual way. You will not receive the canned five pointers to success with Jay. He understands that each location, industry, and customer base are different and that his clients need individualized coaching to reach their full potential. I fully recommend Jay Hughes to any professional wanting to maximize their effectiveness and reach their true potential.
Michele Catoire
Northwest Regional Manager at Western Bancorp, Wholesale Lending

I have worked with Jay for almost a year now and have found his support and insight invaluable to both my personal and career development. Jay is delightful and forthcoming to work with. He has worked with me professionally and personally to create a plan and carry it out successfully. Jay is passionate about the success of each individual he works with. I highly recommend Jay Hughes to anyone who is looking to create permanent change and upgrades in their career and life..
Shanna Tucker
Branch Partner at Benchmark Mortgage

Over the course of my career I’ve hired many business coaches who have helped me grow my business even during times of economic challenges. I hired Jay in part as a coach and in part as a consultant – words can’t describe how thrilled I am with the results I’ve seen so far. Having worked with many different coaches I can tell you that they are not all created equally. Jay’s clarity and insightfulness combined with team oriented systems are helping us reach our goals in record time. Jay is definitely a stand out in the coaching/consulting field and I believe this comes in part from his real life experience and successful track record of practicing what he preaches. He always gives us more than we expect and I feel I’ve seen a huge return on my investment from the first day that I started working with him. I highly recommend hiring Jay if you want to shortcut the path to success.
Nathan Smith
Sales Manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage

After making a 100% increase in my production over my first two years of coaching with Jay, my business continued to make significant gains while delving deeper into growth opportunities during 2016. Coaching is a vital component to my growth as a loan officer and person. Every session helps evaluate past strategies, uncover new possibilities looking forward , and implementing a plan that will keep me accountable in reaching my goals.
Randy Cowell
VP, Regional Account Manager Correspondent Lending Division at Envoy Mortgage

Jay has helped me become a focused professional and a top producer within my company. I have increased my production by 39% within the first year of working with jay and had a steady increase of 20% year after year. I helped brand and develop a non-delegated correspondent lending division in the Northwest and have become one of the top producing Account Executives within my company. One of my biggest problems was staying focused and organized, and he is helping me organize my thoughts and ideas, as well as me achieve my goals. He had me put my ideas down on paper and helped me formulate an action plan for my business, my relationships, and my life. I would recommend jay to anyone that is looking to sharpen their skills; he will help you stay positive, proactive and focused. He helped me harness my drive and coached me on being the best professional I can be. Thanks Jay!!!
Joseph Raybell
Mountain West District Manager at Eagle Home Mortgage

I have been involved in coaching with Jay for a couple of years. He genuinely cares about me and what I am trying to accomplish. Jay is committed to helping me succeed not only in my career but also my life. He has helped me determine the most important things I need to be focusing on and helping me focus on those things. Jay has helped move my career to where it is today.
Matthew Wan
Mortgage Development Manager at National Bank of Canada

The biggest issue Jay helped me with was getting more referral clients on a regular basis. He helped me grow my personal mortgage volume nearly 4X what it was since we started coaching, from $500K then, to over $3M per month now. I would recommend Jay to anyone that is looking to improve their performance in mortgage sales or management roles.
Robert Humphreys
Fort Worth Credit Office President at Lone Star Ag Credit

I’d recommend Jay to anyone that is looking for the way to be a better, more productive lender and friend. His information on time management, sincerely caring for friends and referral sources and listening to them, and personal communication advice is right-on and a breath of fresh air in the world of lending where many times lenders are not given the proper direction and start the downward spiral into the Non-Productive Cold Calling Black Hole!
Paul Drace
Marketing Director at RedBuilt, LLC

Jay initially helped our team by introducing us to Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). Jay helped us understand that people have different motivations that drive their behavior, and he explained how an individual’s motivation changes when they enter into conflict. Even more importantly, he taught us how to identify and then work within an individual’s motivation and conflict sequence to improve relationships, avoid escalating conflict, and improve performance.
I am more effective in my day-to-day responsibilities, but more importantly, I am happier. I’ve been through two separate formal training sessions with SDI, and can say unequivocally that Jay’s style and knowledge were exceptional. I now better understand that things aren’t personal, I can be myself, and we can all be more productive at work with some basic understanding of the people around us.
I have had both formal training and one-on-one coaching with Jay. Both were stellar. Anyone who would benefit from having a knowledgeable sounding board, motivator, and educator who will help them guide themselves through their professional journey will greatly benefit from Jay’s insight and coaching.
Greg Winther
Associate Broker at Prudential Idaho Realty

Jay is currently providing me with coaching where we are addressing life and career issues. He helps me to focus on what needs to occur and we plan steps to make it happen. It is making a huge impact on my life and career. Thank you Jay.
Kristel Gough
Real Estate Agent at Equity Real Estate, LLC

Jay has been amazing for me! He not only has furthered the goal setting aspect of my career, but has created an accounitlbity process where I am now getting double the work completed throughout my days. Jay has also assisted me personally. Words cannot express my gratitude and respect for him…;)
Corey Chase
Real Estate Agent at Silvercreek Realty Group

Jay is definitely a problem solver. He has a knack with sitting back and evaluating the situation at hand then coming up with the game plan to put together a winning strategy. Jay is a very passionate guy and gives his all in helping people find what it is they are looking to accomplish. When you are looking to surround yourself with positive and successful people Jay would be at the top of the list. Jay definitely has an A++ in my book and you will too once you talk or meet with him.
Juan Rodriguez
Financial Center Manager at JP Morgan Chase

Jay is passionate about helping others realize the potential with working with others. He helped me in a way that made an impact that same day with interacting and coaching others. Jay is engaged with the people he works with and as a customer of his, I would definitely recommend him to other professionals and clients. Thanks Jay!
Curtis Pentecost
Account Executive at NEXTITLE

I strongly recommend Jay as an Executive Coach. As both a manager and coach he has consistantly shown a passion for improving those around him. He is honest, hard working, and committed to clients, employees, and peers alike. He has been extremely influential in my own career and personal growth. I’m confident that Jay will bring significant value as a coach to anyone looking to improve their career focus and success.
Jeffrey A. Stanton
Loan Originator & Partner at 1st Rate Mortgage

Jay has assisted my District, and our Region for Eagle Home Mortgage in different capacities from Coach to Sales Trainer over the past two and a half years I’ve worked for Eagle. Jay brings a unique point of view to mortgage coaching and sales training, having been a top producer and branch manager himself. Jay’s style makes it easy for him to engage, relate, and build trust with my team when he’s doing one on one coaching, or group sales trainings. I really appreciate Jay’s support for my team, he really cares about developing people personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Jay Hughes for your coaching and development needs.